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HR and Benefits Support

HR and Benefits Support

1st Source and Precision Planning Admin bring the experience and resources to provide premier employee benefits and a great work environment.

With the many years of experience we have in building and managing companies, we have been involved in the development of company and employee management, compensation and benefit systems. This is a part of a business that gets overlooked many times and yet can be the difference in building a team that creates a huge success or not being able to retain key people. 1st Source can help you develop the systems, philosophy and procedures that make you a company people want to work for.

  1. Employee Handbooks and Manuals
  2. Evaluation Reviews and Compensation Structures
  3. Payroll and Benefit Systems
  4. Employee Benefits - Insurance, Retirement, Work environment, etc.
  5. Stock Compensation Planning
  6. Company Safeguarding - Keyman insurance, General insurance, Product liability, Property, Workers compensation, etc.


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