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Funding Support

Funding Support

1st Source executives have helped companies obtain millions of dollars of debt and equity funding. Let us utilize our resources to help you.

One of the hardest things for a startup or small company to do, is to obtain adequate funding , but more importantly adequate funding at a reasonable cost. Our team has many years of working with companies in obtaining both equity and debt financing. We have a large number of contacts that we can call upon to help with funding needs. Another part of funding that is critical is the presentation of your offering and what the need actually is . The offering has to be concise yet thorough and presented in a professional format supported with adequate financial modeling and factual data. Finally, once interested parties are obtained, the negotiation of terms and conditions and actual contractual obligations and regulatory aspects of the deal have to be negotiated and documented so the company is protected and yet gets what they need. Our team can help with all aspects of this process, modeling, presentation preparation, presentation coaching, sourcing, negotiation, closing and post closing management. Let us help.

  1. Financial Modeling
  2. Presentation Prep
  3. Funding Sourcing
  4. Negotiation and Closings
  5. Post Closing Management


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