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Accounting Support

Accounting Support

1st Source provides the expertise you need to build your accounting systems and tools to monitor and control your company's growth and development.

The accounting functions of a company impacts all aspects of a company. It is not only the record keeping division, but it is an integral part of strategic planning, risk management, manufacturing functions, marketing processes, payroll processes, internal controls, tax reporting, financial presentations, funding, contracting and so on. Our team can provide support for basic accounting process, controller functions, CFO functions and the design and planning of systems and procedures that will help insure the company's success. It is our belief that accounting should provide protection of the base business while allowing the executive team the freedom to plan the future with tools that control  creative and growth initiatives so they will never put the company at risk. We have the knowledge and experience to help find and implement systems that will handle the account and reporting functions adequately a the best cost and with a growth plan. Let us be a part of your team.

  • Accounting Systems Selection and Implementation
  • GAAP Compliance
  • Basic Accounting Management - Chart of accounts, Bookkeeping, Management reports, Accounting controls
  • Payroll Systems and Support
  • Forecasting - Model Preparation and Guidance
  • Audit Preparation and Management
  • Tax Organization and Management
  • Special Projects
  • Controller and CFO Functions
  • Manufacturing - System selection and setup, Items list setup, Purchase order system, Inventory and work in process system
  • Staff Training


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