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The difference between success and failure can be the results of a single decision. Use our years of experience to make sure success is your result -
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We Focus on What Is Most Important To You

We are unique in that we offer support for most aspects of a business.

why us

With a staff of ex CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s having experience in numerous industries and companies from startups to fortune 100, we are able to provide support to new and growing companies in all aspects of their business.  We provide the help you need, when you need it, with no fixed commitment and at a reasonable cost.  We specialize in small to medium sized businesses.

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our team

Our team of consultants represents over 100 years of management experience in companies of all sizes and many industries. Many of our team members have been business owners and understand the challenges of starting and building a business. Let our team augment your company's current staff.

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Our mission

Our mission is to utilize the expertise and knowledge we have to assist small business owners in building successful  companies avoiding the pitfalls and costly mistakes that can and will occur.

about us

Principals of Business Evaluation and Decision Making That Business Owners Should Consider:

When making decisions,  has the core business been protected and are the risks fully understood so the entire business is not put at jeopardy?

Are third-party contracts for services jeopardizing the company’s ability to do business in any way (theft of a product or idea, production capacity requirement, alternate sourcing, etc.)?

Are company assets protected and controls in place to maintain or control budgets and spending?

Is your marketing messaging consistent with your goals and objectives?

Are your company standards, goals and benefits going to help attract and retain the people you want?

Our business is to make sure you not only consider important questions like these for all aspects of your business and your employees, but to help you deal with them timely, achieving successful outcomes.


Working As a Team We Can Accomplish More

Because all aspects of a company are interrelated, decisions can and will impact the entire company and need to be made with that perspective– we help with the broader focus.

1st Source provides the expertise you need to build your accounting systems and tools to monitor and control your company's growth and development.

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1st Source executives have helped companies obtain millions of dollars of debt and equity funding. Let us utilize our resources to help you.

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Let 1st Source provide the management support and mentoring you need to achieve the financial, operational and personal goals you desire.

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With experience in marketing management, messaging, web development, strategic planning, multi-media platforms, costs, etc., 1st Source can help build a comprehensive plan.

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With years of hands-on experience in building, managing and optimizing manufacturing systems, process, supply chains, etc., let 1st Source guide your efforts.

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1st Source and Precision Planning Admin bring the experience and resources to provide premier employee benefits and a great work environment.

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1st Source has the ability and resources to help you build, optimize and utilize a website to build your business.

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With 1st Source's law partners, we can provide the legal support you need to keep operations sound and secure so you can focus on business growth.

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Your Success Is The Measure of Our Success

We are, in many respects, going to work harder for you than you do for yourself. You are our business.

CEO and President

As CEO, it is my goal to make sure each client receives valuable, honest and ethical results at a fair price, no matter what.

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Kendall has 15 years of accounting and management experience working with large and small companies in a variety of industries.

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Randy brings 25 years of global B2C and B2B consumer healthcare marketing and brand expertise.

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Business Development

David bring over 20 years of experience in building startups in a variety of markets.

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Josh brings over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and warehouse development and operations experience as well as complete supply chain management and Logistics processes.

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HR and Benefits

Ty has been in the financial industry for 20 years helping business owners manage their company benefits.

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Great Partners Complete Our Team of Experts

Because the needs of any organization are broad and many times complex, we partner with experts in areas that require special skills, tools or knowledge that are best left to those experts. Our partners are an integral part of our total team approach to your needs.

National Card Payments

Merchant services provider for companies with eCommerce

IT support for all aspect of a business.



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